Institute for Promotion of Vedic Education and Culture
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  Our objective is to support Vedic education and promote introduction of its practical approaches to improve individual wellbeing and social welfare.

Vedic culture is the oldest heritage of mankind. It is the expression of a comprehensive philosophical, intellectual and pragmatic vision of human experience contained in the Vedas. It offers holistic approaches to preservation of good health and development of human potential, which lead to natural state of well-being and concord in life. It emphasizes living in accord with natural law and environmental-friendly economic activities.

The Institute for Promotion of Vedic Education and Cultures sponsors charitable and educational organizations in India to extend free schooling and education in Vedic knowledge. We sponsor cultural programs to increase awareness of various aspects of Vedic knowledge, and to create interest in applying these approaches for sustained economic benefit of their practitioners and local communities.

We are a non-profit tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization and all contributions to the Institute are tax deductible under IRC 170.

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